MarieLouise Falk is an experienced and inspiring Certified Professional Coach

With extensive experience from Coaching and Entrepreneurship MarieLouise is the right person to assist you in:

  • Individual Life Coaching – Coach you as an individual to bring out the best possible YOU!
  • Business Coaching – Coach managers/management teams into high efficiency and success!
  • Relationship Coaching – Improve communication and mutual understanding!

MarieLouise has more than 20 years experience as a successful business owner. This, combined with a strong background in sports – being a former player in the swedish national team in softball – as well as a strong background in nutrition, health and personal development as well as a burning interest for people and natural talent for communication gives MarieLouise the ideal background for Coaching. A passion for physical and mental health, high performance, and superb quality of life are her main driving forces.

MarieLouise is today a board member of several businesses and professional organisations. She is continuously educating herself in her respective fields.

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